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"The ponies run, the girls are young, the odds are there to beat. You win a while, and then it's done - your little winning streak"*
Welcome to my website where you will find articles (the majority of which have been published in the London Racing Club magazine) mainly about trips to Irish horse race meetings. 
These span a period of more than 20 years. They include betting tales as well as some restaurant and travel advice.
The latest Irish track visit report you will find here: Leopardstown/Galway 2018     
(Coming soon: Thurles & Naas April 2019) 

My restaurant reviews are here: tripadvisor (MikePunter)

Other recent track visit reports:

Ludlow Oct 2018; Czech Republic, 127th Velka Pardubicka Oct 2017.  All track visits are here.
How I got into horse racing.....(reproduced from issue 22 of London Racing Club magazine).
Until recently I offered a free advisory betting service, starting on my blog in 2009 and concluding via Twitter (@Mikedq) in 2019. 
(Result can be viewed here: Twitter: 2019, 2018. Blog: 2016,  20152014201320122011 and 2010/09).
The blog achieved 1,622 points profit (21.5% ROI) from 2009 to 2016. Twitter bets accumulated 224 points profit. Total profit was therefore 1,846 points or £18,460 at £10 a point.  
Bets which were not resolved by 19 April 2019 are displayed on the 2019 Twitter schedule

My betting activity has reduced dramatically because of severe restrictions to my online accounts. This has rendered the continuation of a betting service impractical 
as most advertised prices are only available to me for a few pounds. 

   My betting highlights from 2017-2019:

   The Australian Open ladies' singles, Melbourne Jan 2019
    A profitable tournament thanks to Naomi Osaka taking her 
    second GS. I was involved at 16/1. Despite a total outlay of 
    10.5 points, a point e.w. on the winner returned 26 points 
    thus yielding an overall profit of 15.5 points on the tournament.

    WTA and ATP year end tournaments, 28 October and 18 November 2018 

    As in 2017 (Wozniacki, Dimitrov), both events proved profitable this year. 


    For the WTA finals, two players were bet suggestions: Svitolina and Stephens (they met in the final!).
    The ATP event proved more difficult. I initially sided with choker Cilic and Anderson. Fortunately
    I latched on to Zverev before he beat Federer in the semi-finals. He was what seemed a generous 
    14/1 at that stage, consequently the event proved profitable overall when he took the title with a 
    convincing win over Djokovic. 

    Wimbledon ladies' singles, July 2018

    After a poor French Open from a betting perspective, Kerber - my main 
    selection for the ladies' singles - came good for us winning the Wimbledon
    final against Serena Williams. I had suggested on Twitter that she was 
    worthy of e.w. support at 12/1 at the start of the fortnight. 

    The Australian Open ladies' singles final, Melbourne 27 January 2018


    The first grand slam of 2018 provided a winning start to the betting 
    year. Once again I chose four women against the field to win the event. 
    Crucially I took (and advised on Twitter) the 33/1 Wozniacki on 
    25 October 2017. The total profit on the Australian Open (including 
    losing men's singles' bets) was 40.5 points (11 points staked). 

    The Cesarewitch, Newmarket 14 October 2017
    Season finale. 2017 was another profitable flat season although not as good as 
    2016, which was a record year. In the 34-runner Cesarewitch I suggested three ew 
    bets on Twitter: Withhold @ 12/1, London Prize @ 20/1 and Endless Acres @ 16/1 
    (PU, injured). Withhold was backed into 5/1 favourite and won easily with London 
    Prize finishing a comfortable second.
    The US Open ladies' singles final, New York 10 September 2017

 The US Open ladies' singles event proved to be a betting bonanza.
 Twitter followers were advised outright bets on four big-priced
 players: Keys, Makakrova, Stephens and Svitolina. 
 Keys was backed @ 25/1 ew and Stephens @ 66/1 ew. Those
 followers with Sportingbet accounts (not me) were advised
 to take the 100/1 ew Stephens.

 When it came to the final it was sitting back, enjoying the match
 (in Di Luca, Dublin!) and calculating the winnings....   


Irish track visits across the country.  
Get on the path to profit with my ten
golden rules for successful betting


Photographs from student days in the "revolting" '60s

Plus Essex "50" (2014)


*Leonard Cohen: A Thousand Kisses Deep  (All my idols are dead and my enemies are in power)



There where the course is,

Delight makes all of the one mind,

The riders upon the galloping horses,

The crowd that closes in behind

W B Yeats, At Galway Races