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My blog can be found at this address: mikequigley.blogspot.com, however as you may have read elsewhere my betting service finished in Novenber 2015. These days I use the blog for the occasional article (usually not about betting). If I have something to say about a horse race then I use Twitter now and again (@Mikedq)

A big thank you to those readers who have posted positive feedback after the betting blog closed.   

Below are a couple of the testimonials I received:

"I stumbled upon your web site some time ago and at the time thought the figures that you quoted for past results were possibly a little removed from reality so I had a casual look at the blog from time to time. I began to think you were a very good judge and I started to follow the blog on a daily basis early this summer, but because of my cautious nature did not chance backing your selections as I thought maybe this was an unusually lucky sequence of winners. I could not have been more wrong. The winners kept on coming and in September I decided to follow your horse selections with real money to low stakes.(I really am too cautious).

In the main I was able to get your quoted prices.  I had fun and finished the season on the plus side.

My thoughts now have changed. Your figures were genuine and I consider the ROI over such a long time is truly remarkable. Should you put your horse racing selections on the blog in future I will be a keen (but still cautious) follower. Thanks again, good luck.”

“Mike, excellent blog, you have gained quite a following in my office, although it is noticeable how many guys go 'missing' during the afternoon for 15 minutes at a time, which just happens to coincide with the running of your tips.

You've gone back to the top of my Christmas card list. I had a £2 lucky fifteen which had the three winners in it. It paid £2,926. Fabulous tipping and thanks again….

The xxxxxx branch of the 'Mike Quigley fan club' are having our inaugural day out at (racecourse name) on Friday, we're even bringing the wives as it's ladies day. So get studying as we have hats and dresses to pay for! Great work and thanks for all the effort you put in and if you're ever in this neck of the woods please let me know as we'd love the opportunity to repay you for your endeavours. Cheers."