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Trading with bookmakers - "Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."
Since the late 1990s and the introduction and expansion of Internet betting the practice of bookmakers closing winning accounts has I believe reduced. This is because it easier for bookmakers to restrict their clients to ridiculously small betting stakes rather than suffer the bad PR of closing winning accounts.

Prime exponents of this stake restricting practice are firms such as "Bet £3.65", 888.com, Boyles, William Hill and  in particular the dreadful Sportingbet. These companies restrict my stakes online to just a few pence - in effect a closure by another name. Often the stake allowed is as low as 1p - which ironically falls below the minimum permitted stake accepted on an event, thus making even a 1p wager impossible! 

Ladbrokes used to boast about never closing accounts, by restricting clients to just a few pounds, however you will see from the closed accounts listing that even that has proved too much for this "world-leader" in bookmaking and consequently they have recently closed my account which I have held for more than 20 years.

However, despite the Ladbrokes treatment, in my view the worst company offering betting online is Sportingbet. Why do I say that? Well if you are interested enough to learn how they behaved when I queried how one of my bets had been settled, then you will understand why I have such a low opinion of this disgraceful operation. Click here to learn why you should NOT under any circumstances be betting with Sportingbet.

Somewhere to deposit your winnings. Get in!

The introduction of betting exchanges was a welcome relief for successful punters. With the introduction of the new Gambling Act on 1st September 2007 it will be interesting to see if the Act has any effect on the above restrictive practices. The Act has created a new offence of cheating. Surely the current practice of operators severely restricting winning customers whilst taking unrestricted bets from punters who regularly lose is a form of cheating? However will successful punters be bold enough to take bookmakers to court for cheating? It will be interesting to see........................... 

Here are examples of bookmakers closing some of my successful accounts (closed accounts) and also information on my historical betting performance.