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" Ludlow....is probably the loveliest town in England with its hill of Georgian houses ascending from the river Teme to the great tower of the cross-shaped church, rising behind a classic market building." - John Betjeman, 1943 

" For sheer visual beauty, coloured by romantic history and substantiated in richness of architectural sequence, Ludlow stands high, perhaps first among English towns. Others can surpass it on particular points, but few if any in this union of setting, quality and texture, each intrinsically first rate. The whole place is a national monument or rather should be. " - Christopher Hussey, 1945

" And so they came to Ludlow, which some say is the fairest country town in England. In the twelfth century its walls were pierced with seven gates of which only one now remains, but everything else about it today is overshadowed by its magnificent castle, a memorial to the days when its courtyards echoed to the ring of steel and armoured knights rode over the drawbridge to fight the marauding Welsh." Malcolm Saville, 1958

" During the past few years, Ludlow, in Shropshire, has burst into life. Georgian Houses have been renovated, it has become the gastronomic capital of the countryside, and eminent people from all spheres of life are moving in. Off the beaten track, with the nearest motorway one hour away and no direct service to London, Ludlow is no longer a rundown rural backwater. Instead, it has become a paradigm for a modern kind of civilised living. " Anthony Everett, 1999

" The Feathers Hotel (is) the finest building in the finest town in the finest swathe of England, the only place in England other than London where I ever want to live. (Ludlow and its surroundings) doesn't have the regular provincial chip about not being London, but then it's not provincial - it feels autonomous, devolved, independent. It's like a de facto state, it's an English Andorra. And Ludlow is its capital." - Jonathan Meades, 2002  

" The secret of Ludlow resides in the fact that, like York, it was once a seat of government in Tudor and Stewart England. A sense of its own identity and importance has never quite left it. That accounts for its strength of character and the lingering sense of authority. This is a town which, although the tide of history has receded from it, still manages to preside magisterially over the countryside one glimpses at the end of every street. " - Sir Roy Strong
" Has there ever been a visitor to Ludlow who hasn’t wished they lived there? " - Jeremy Paxman, 2009
" Ludlow punches above its weight " - Barry Herman, 2009